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Paediatric Chiropractic at Tassell Chiropractic

calm child adjustmentEveryone loves watching kids have fun—but their high level of activity makes them prone to falls and injury. It’s important to care for injuries as they arise, before problems become chronic. At Tassell Chiropractic, we provide gentle paediatric care to keep babies, children, and teens in maximum health so they can flourish and embrace every opportunity.

Nipping Health Issues in the Bud

Chiropractic care for kids is usually more cost and time efficient than when adjusting rigid adult spines, where problems have set in. We can fix problems quickly and easily. Adjustments minimise the damage caused by falls and injuries.

We recommend regular wellness care for all kids. However, there are key ages when it’s especially important to come in for adjustments. Children are more likely to have spinal problems immediately following birth, when learning to crawl and walk, in the middle of huge growth spurts and puberty, and after physical trauma like sports injuries.


Putting Your Child’s Comfort First

Care is extremely comfortable for babies and children at every stage. We’ve adjusted our own babies when they were less than a week old. We adapt adjustments based on your child’s age and needs. Very light touch is best for infants and toddlers, while we give teens manual adjustments like an adult would receive.

What to Expect

During an initial consultation, we’ll go through your child’s history, followed by an examination. We usually give the first adjustment that same day.

The frequency of appointments depends on your child’s age, activity levels, and condition. Kids always require fewer visits than an adult with a similar condition, as their bodies bounce back quicker from injury.

Free Spinal Check for Kids

Both locations offer a free spinal check for babies, kids, and teens. Take advantage of our thorough examination and honest feedback so you know what steps you can take to help your child succeed.

Give Your Child the Gift of Health

We love seeing children jump into learning, play, and activity with no health issues holding them back. Schedule your child’s free spinal check today.
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