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Your First Visit

Welcome to Riverton Chiropractic Health Centre

You’ll be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

New patient filling out paperwork

Our team will help you complete the minimal required paperwork.

At the start of your first visit you will be greeted by our reception team. They assist with any help you need with the fairly minimal paper work that is required.

After being greeted by Dr Adam, Dr. Laurence or Dr Helen (Chiropractors) you will be taken through to one of the consulting rooms.


Dr Adam, Dr. Laurence or Dr Helen (Chiropractors) will give you the opportunity to explain what ever it is that has brought you to the clinic, and then ask you any number of questions to make sure that chiropractic care is suited to you. We are always careful to only accept patients who are well suited to the chiropractic that we offer. If your condition is not a chiropractic condition we will tell you!


On your first visit your spine will be examined more thoroughly than it has ever been examined before. Our primary goal here is to find and detail any misaligned vertebra. We will be focusing on misaligned vertebra. Be prepared to be put through your paces. During your exam we will establish your baseline measurements, which will allow us to measure your improvement over the coming weeks.

Before the first visit is over we will be able to tell you if your condition will be helped by chiropractic or not, and if you will need to have further examinations, such as x-rays before we proceed.

On your Second Visit we will review all of the exam findings from todays initial visit.